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Thank you, and so long

Unfortunately, we've contacted some of the folks on our list to start recording a fourth season, but after numerous missed connections and timing issues, we're packing it in.

Our sincerest apologies to anyone who sent in an email to be in an episode and hasn't gotten a response from us yet.

The truth is that TMAYC has simply been unable to garner enough social media attention to make a volunteer interview show, even one expressly focused on being a positive voice in the RPG-playing community, a viable form of entertainment. For reasons unknown, the show just never found an audience and we've been unable to get enough reshares and links to grow our audience.

And so, it's with slightly heavy heart and a deep sense of failure that TMAYC announces an end to the series.

Our deepest Thank You to our three Patreon supporters - Tim Voves, Evan Edwards, and the folks at Follow Me and Die, and a massive thank you to Jaye Foster, our biggest champion on social media.

by Steve Keller, 03/06/2018

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Episode Notes

No notes for this episode.

S03E09 Marc Gunn

We end season 3 with our first musical guest - Marc Gunn brings us his mage/thief/gumbo character and a new phrase to add to your lexicon - organ fight.

Episode Notes

Marc on Twitter


Marc's website

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

The Kilted Kings

Works Mentioned in this Episode

Dan the Bard

Games Mentioned in this Episode

Dungeons & Dragons

S03E08 Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes brings us a tale from the wild and woolly early days of D&D, when a player was free to invent character classes from whatever ear worms they liked.

S03E07 Jarrett Crader

Jarrett Crader stops by this week to tell us about a wizard who's of two minds and is going to pieces.

S03E06 Mike Cugley

This episode, Mike Cugley tells us about a vigilante rogue on the run.

S03E05 Rick Stump

Rick Stump stops by this week to tell us about a paladin of the old school variety ... really old school.

S03E04 Jeff Dee

Jeff Dee brings us a genre-hopping tailor with a unique, inherited magic item.

S03E03 Tim Franzke

This week, Tim Franzke brings us a Millennial version of City of Angels that is by far the saddest episode we've had yet.

S03E02 Jen Kitzman

Jen Kitzman joins us this week with a story about a tough as nails gang leader who's really a big softy inside ... and who only sprays people with acid blood when she needs to.

Episode Notes

Slugfest Games

Games Mentioned in this Episode

Rage CCG



Apocalypse World



Multiverse Interviews TMAYC

This week's guest, Larry Hamilton, asked me a few questions about gaming, characters, and the origins of TMAYC. If you're enjoying the series, check out a little of how it came to be.


by Steve Keller, 04/26/2017

S03E01 Larry Hamilton

In our first episode of season 3, Larry Hamilton brings us the orc-slaying tales of a half elf William Wallace. Plus, DMs punishing players for Star Wars references becomes a trend.


And we're back!

The new season of TMAYC begins 4/26 and we have no support! We desperately need your help to continue!

Please continue sharing links to episodes, getting the word out about TMAYC helps us find more people with stories to tell.

But did you know we have more planned? Since TMAYC started, we've been hoping to do a second version of the show just for game masters. This second version is meant to fill in the gaps between TMAYC seasons so that we can run the podcast year-round. But we need financial support to get there.

Please consider dropping by our Patreon campaign. For as little as a buck a month you can help us grow TMAYC and continue making this a show tabletop gamers will enjoy for a long time.

by Steve Keller, 04/17/2017

S02E12 Shane George

Shane George wraps up season 2 with his cheese-making cleric.

Episode Notes

Shane on G+

Galaxy Games

Games Mentioned in this Episode


Savage Worlds

Necessary Evil

Star Wars

S02E11 Colleen Bailey

Colleen Bailey tells us about her D&D half-elf ass-kicker.

Episode Notes

Frostease Burlesque

Frostease Facebook page for show info

Games Mentioned in this Episode


S02E10 Bannister Nicholas

Bannister Nicholas comes to TMAYC with a story of a one-handed sorceror who lives on as an NPC boogeyman.

Episode Notes

Bannister on G+

Dungeon Delvers 12

Professional GameMaster's Society

Games Mentioned in this Episode


Dragon Warriors




S02E09 Adam McConnaughey

Adam McConnaughey brings us a half nymph adventurer with class identification issues.

Episode Notes

Adam on G+

Games Mentioned in this Episode


Unknown Armies

Burning Wheel

Dungeons and Dragons

S02E08 Emily Vitori

Emily Vitori joins TMAYC to tell us about her portal-hoping, Cat Folk rogue.

Episode Notes

Emily on G+

Syreene Studios

Games Mentioned in this Episode



S02E07 Jim Blanas

Jim Blanas brings us a story about an old school Cthulhu investigator with the oddest good luck charm.

Episode Notes

Jim on Facebook

Games Mentioned in this Episode

James Bond 007 RPG

Call of Cthulhu

The Doctor Who Roleplaying Game

S02E06 Luke Green

Luke Green has a superhero character to tell us about with a penchant for fan-girling on other supers.

S02E05 Corey Allison

Corey Allison stops by to tell us about his magic-wielding federal investigator.

S02E04 Jeff Stormer

Jeff Stormer brings us a tale of a cultist who finds redemption in NPC-hood.

Episode Notes

Party of One podcast

All My Fantasy Children

Games Mentioned in this Episode

Middle Earth Roleplaying

Scarlet Heroes


Squirrely characters issues fixed

We had some issues with squirrely characters in a JSON file that was causing the RSS for season 1 to break and the Blaine Capatch episode fail to play. Those issues have been fixed.

Blaine should now play fine and all of last season's episodes should return to the RSS and to iTunes soon.

by Steve Keller, 10/31/2016

S02E03 Blaine Capatch

Blain Capatch has a story for TMAYC about a character who is not Blackie Green.

Episode Notes

Blaine on Twitter

Nerd Poker


Lucha VaVOOM

Games Mentioned in this Episode

2nd Edition D&D PDF products


Gamma World

Star Frontiers

5e D&D

S02E02 Daniel Bayn

Daniel Bayn joins us to talk about a Cthulhu investigator who goes from Scully to Mulder to Krycek in a single campaign.

Episode Notes


This Rising Tide, Daniel's serial fiction project and Patreon campaign


Feng Shui

Unknown Armies


Call of Cthulhu

S02E01 Lowell Francis

Lowell Francis opens season 2 with a hardscrabble deck jockey with some serious health concerns.


Season 2 is here!

Season 2 is done and we're ready to launch into twelve new episodes of favorite characters starting this very Monday. It's our first full season and we couldn't be prouder of it.

But we also need your help. Our options for growing the podcast - both in terms of storage space and monthly cap - are limited. But we want everyone who loves RPGs to listen and take part in TMAYC and that's where you come in.

Please consider sponsoring the podcast through our Patreon campaign. For as little as a buck a month - that's a sponsorship of just fifty cents an episode - you can help us cover our hosting costs and keep the TMAYC archive open and free as we grow larger.

So please consider signing up. $1 a month. $12 a year. It'll really make a difference to the growth of this new podcast.

And thanks!

by Steve Keller, 10/14/2016


We're Putting Together Season 2 Right Now!

We're sending out invites to the folks who've contacted us about being on TMAYC, but we still don't have 12 interviews and we need you!

If you've got a story about a great character you've had, we want to hear it! We've put together a little advice page for interested folks to answer a few questions and offer some advice on your interview.

After you've scanned it, maybe drop by our contact page and throw your name in the hat!

We'll get in touch shortly and arrange a chat.

by Steve Keller, 06/14/2016

S01E06 Raymond Terry

Ray Terry tells us about his favorite character - a Drow thief who suffers the worst kind of indignity at the hands of his GM

Episode Notes

• Ray could use a hand - please hop over to his Fundrazr and help him out

• Ray is +RaymondTerry on G+ and his Facebook page is here

OldGamerzStudio on Twitter

SHINOBIGAMI: Modern Ninja Battle RPG can be found at Shinobigami.com, and theres an active Shinobigami G+ community for updates

Planescape was created by Dave "Zeb" Cook

• TravellerRPG.com maintains a detailed wiki page on Classic Traveller and Game Designer's Workshop manages the current 5th edition of the title

• Wikipedia has a good article on DC Heroes by Mayfair Games

S01E05 Arlene Medder

Arlene Medder joins TMACy to tell us about her favorite character - a Star Wars noble with a secret

Episode Notes

• A little information about Star Wars d6 by West End Games

Champions is currently published by DoJ through Hero Games

• Iron Crown is still published by Iron Crown Enterprises

Wizard's Realm, by Mystic Swamp doesn't have much of a web presence, but you're welcome to try

• Shadowrun on the other hand has dozens of web places, but for this podcast's purposes you want the Shadowrun table top RPG currently published by Catalyst Game Labs and owned by Topps

Pathfinder is Pathfinder

• Evil Hat's Fate RPG has a solid presence, and Spirit of the Century is still well maintained

Ironclaw is published by Sanguine Games

S01E04 Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards tells TMAYC about her favorite character - a Nosferatu with more secrets than fangs

Episode Notes

• A little bit about Vampire: Requiem

• The Nashville Area Gamers Association

Nashville Unveiled

S01E03 Jaye Foster

Jaye Foster tells TMAYC about his favorite character - a gungan with a hand grenade addiction

Episode Notes

• A little about the Star Wars Roleplaying Game

• The 6d6 RPG home page

6d6 Blog

• The Morrow Project is by Timeline Ltd

Abberant, the White Wolf super heroes game

The text of Melandros is here and more information can be found in the Melandros G+ community

S01E02 Kyrinn S. Eis

Kyrinn S. Eis joins TMAYC to tell us about her favorite character - an anime-tinged Gamma World enigma in Greyhawk

Episode Notes

• Visit Kyrinn's blog at The Grand Tapestry

• An intro primer to Kyrinn's setting Urutsk: The World of Mystery

• The original Battle Angel OVA, with English subs on YouTube

S01E01 Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts joins TMAYC to tell us about her favorite character - a 1000 year-old kleptomaniac robot

Episode Notes

• Visit Alex at her podcast on OneShot - The Backstory Podcast

• Alex' personal site is at HelloAlexRoberts.com

• Neptr's name inspiration doing a little work time rap

• Some information on the English Release of Anima:Beyond Fantasy


Tell Me About Your Character begins!

Today's the day! We're taking a risk!

Wait, that's the wrong podcast.

Today's the day we launch the TMAYC web site!

As we wait for iTunes to catch up and a few other features to be worked out, enjoy this short introduction episode to kind of get an idea what the show will be about. We'll be posting weekly, beginning Monday, April 18th, so be sure to subsrcibe through your favorite RSS feed reader or iTunes (when it's ready) or just check back here for weekly episode downloads.

And thanks for checking out TMAYC!

by Steve Keller, 04/14/2016