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What is TMAYC?

Spend any time with someone who plays roleplaying games and chances are really good that you'll be told stories about their character.

Tell Me About Your Character is a short weekly podcast where real people tell us about their favorite characters from past roleplaying games. Each week we sit down for 10 minutes with a table-top gamer, a LARPer, or an indie story game player. We'll learn a little about their gaming history, then listen to tales about how their favorite characters have done the outrageous, accomplished the impossible, and generally rose above the confines of the story material around them.

TMAYC is about the joy of playing RPGs. There a no product reviews, no debates, and none of the advice talk that fills other RPG-related podcasts. We focus 100% on that one topic that all players are happy to discuss - how awesome our characters are.

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And if you've got a fabulous character you want to tell us about, get ahold of us through our contact page!