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S01E05 Arlene Medder

Arlene Medder joins TMACy to tell us about her favorite character - a Star Wars noble with a secret

Episode Notes

• A little information about Star Wars d6 by West End Games

Champions is currently published by DoJ through Hero Games

• Iron Crown is still published by Iron Crown Enterprises

Wizard's Realm, by Mystic Swamp doesn't have much of a web presence, but you're welcome to try

• Shadowrun on the other hand has dozens of web places, but for this podcast's purposes you want the Shadowrun table top RPG currently published by Catalyst Game Labs and owned by Topps

Pathfinder is Pathfinder

• Evil Hat's Fate RPG has a solid presence, and Spirit of the Century is still well maintained

Ironclaw is published by Sanguine Games

Our theme song is Remix Safety Guide, by RocaVaco, with samples by Loveshadow, and is used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported license. You can find more about RocaVaco at